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IntegrityPCI in Action

IntegrityPCI gives comfort and assurance to the customers by making sure that every call they make is secured and their credit card data are protected. IntegrityPCI guarantees that only the customer should have access to their credit card information. It is never shared to anyone. The staff can never hear or see the credit card information of the customer during phone transaction. Though the whole conversation is recorded, the card data never is, which positively impacts organization that follows recording policy from various bodies to some circumstances.

Small Business

Are you running a SMALL BUSINESS that is struggling to comply to PCI DSS regulations because of the price to set it up?

Call Center

Are you running a CALL CENTER and want to reduce your call handling time while having the bonus of being PCI DSS compliant at a fraction of the cost of any of our rivals out there!

Easy Setup

Maintenance free solution. Gain more business, The easiest and most cost effective solution to fit your PCI DSS requirements.

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